Patient Questionnaire

How the revised HHCAHPS Survey is different from the current HHCAHPS Survey

  • Shorter than the current version (27 questions in revised survey; 34 questions in current survey)
  • Fewer questions about medications
  • Changed some examples about ways to make home safer
  • Retains the Overall Rating of Care and Willingness to Recommend Agency questions
  • Contains questions on several new domains, including whether:
    • staff treated them with care
    • staff cared about them as a person
    • services helped them take care of their health
    • staff provided family or friends with information

The revised HHCAHPS Survey is available here: Patient Questionnaire

How the revised survey was developed

The survey development process followed the principles and guidelines outlined by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and its Consumer Assessment of Health Providers and Systems (CAHPS®) Consortium in developing a patient experience of care survey. This included reviewing existing literature; conducting focus groups with patients who received home health care; conducting cognitive interviews with patients to test their understanding and ability to answer the new and revised questions; obtaining stakeholder input on the draft survey; and conducting several meetings with a Technical Expert Panel to review the draft survey and results of testing. The goal of the survey development process was to identify and include dimensions of care that patients and their families want or need to inform their choice of a home health agency. We are excited to test the revised survey on a larger scale!